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Application Manager Job Description

Shashank Nakate
An application manager has to play many different roles in keeping the various operations of a company running smoothly. Let's get into the details...
An application manager is responsible for implementing software applications in an organization, and also in carrying out the work of upgrading the systems. These professionals are also known as IT application managers. The tasks like installation of hardware and networks too are carried out by them. An IT manager is expected to have a degree in software engineering/information technology.

Skills Required

  • Knowledge about computer networking, installation, and administration of networks.
  • Knowledge of computer troubleshooting.
  • Know-how of viruses and security measures to prevent their attack.
  • He/she should be capable of leading a team of IT professionals and provide them with the necessary guidance from time-to-time.
  • He should also have decision-making and problem-solving skills.
  • To lead a team, he should possess good communication skills. He must be capable of making presentations.
  • The work of an IT manager is time-bound. So, he should also learn time-management skills in order to meet deadlines.

Job Description

  • The most basic and non-technical task assigned to IT managers is that of checking whether there are enough computer systems available in the company.
  • The IT infrastructure services such as local area networks, desktop applications, and computer security services for these applications should be provided.
  • He needs to have thorough knowledge of the organization's working. It helps him in adhering to the standards of that organization.
  • Installation and maintenance of routers, assigning access to establish email addresses, resetting passwords, report status of operations, maintaining backups, etc., are few of his tasks.
  • He must also take responsibility of ensuring products registrations, SSL certificates, maintaining documents pertaining to service contracts and maintenance contracts, etc.
  • Technology orientation sessions should be conducted for the staff. The new staff should be provided with the know-how of systems and technology.
  • These professionals do the work of providing technology policy guidance to the staff, supervisors, managers, and customers of the company.
  • The different tasks related to databases should be carried out by him. These works include implementing, administrating, and maintaining the databases.
  • Updating the technology job description, evaluating the technology staff, and supervising interns are a few other important tasks he needs to carry out.
  • Designing and developing web-applications provided by the company is another important task. He has to bring about improvements in the designing and functioning of the website continuously. 
  • The main objective in website designing is to make it user-friendly.
  • Functional specifications are provided by IT managers after analyzing the technology requirements.
  • The standard procedures, manuals, and technology policies should be developed and maintained by him. The technology checklists related to these standards and policies should also be prepared.
  • Improving productivity is the main goal of any company. To achieve this target, its functions/operations should be streamlined. Application managers achieve this objective by offering technology alternatives.
The average salary for this professional is around $96,000 p.a.