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Answering Interview Questions

Roy D'Silva
Job interviews are the make and break of many. Here are some tips for answering interview questions, and maximize your chances of signing the offer letter you intend to attain.
First impression is the last impression. Job interviews are one of the few incidents in life whose results go a long way. Answering interview questions is not an easy task; more so, if it's for the first time. Obviously, as and when the person attends a few more, he/she will know that they have a set and specific pattern.

Know The Company

One basic question frequently asked during an interview is whether the applicant knows about the company. While a few years back only the elite few would have the time and resources to research about a lesser known company, it is not the case today.
The Internet is a tool of vast knowledge. A few hours researching about the company will come up with a lot of facts and information about it, which is sure to impress the interviewer.
Even if he is not convinced about the applicant's interest in the company, he will at least acknowledge the resourcefulness of the prospective employee. Therefore, researching about it is a good way of preparing for potential questions.


Do not go in anywhere without planning. Whether it is the first job interview or umpteenth, any prospective applicant will have a basic idea about what would be asked and what would be not.
Another good idea is to enact or rehearse the entire interview prior to the actual day. There is a thin line between bookish and worldly knowledge. As far as the answers of the questions are concerned, be sure to speak them out completely and coherently during the rehearsal. This way you will not be found stammering for the answer that day.

Be Truthful

It is the best way out. Even the most seasoned applicant will someday come across some question, which he or she will find difficult to answer. While these questions are few and rare between, they should be truthful enough to accept that they do not know the answer to the question.
One classic question interviewers do ask is why the prospective employee wishes to work with the company; they are indeed a sharp lot and form an opinion about him/her within the first few minutes.
Gone are the days when every applicant was bound to say that they work only for professional progress. In the modern world of lay-offs and employee poaching, it is perfectly fine to say that one is looking to work with the company because of a better pay-packet. However, though this answer has a lot of shock value, it will not do good if it is not the truth.

Do Not Bother About the Venue or Unexpected Tests

Some interviewers like to hold a small debate with the applicants. In fact, interviews can take almost anywhere and everywhere, in golf courses, hotels, etc., and the applicant should not be apprehensive about it. Such debates generally speak about the knowledge, confidence, and smartness of the prospective employee.

Be Careful with Your Attire

The attire of the applicant is important. Clothes are very personal, and it depends on the person as to which clothes he/she carries well. During an interview, the attire musn't scream for attention, but one should not feel that no thought has gone into it.

State The Facts Only

Finally, make sure that there is no botching of facts or non-disclosure of facts in the resume or during the interview itself. Any non-disclosure of facts during that time is bound to come out in the longer run and can have serious repercussions in the applicant's future with the company.