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Animal Science Careers

Aparna Jadhav
Careers in animal science can provide various opportunities for one's future. Read about this field and its career options from the story written, for your information.
Animal science is the complete and elaborate study related to the biology of animals, that are usually domesticated for various purposes. The animals that are studied in this science are; cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, dogs, cats and very recently included exotic species which are kept as pets by people.
When you are taming or domesticating these animals, it is very important to have basic knowledge about the animal. Their feeding habits, life expectancies, temperaments, reproduction, illness, medical requirements and of course their nutrition, is closely studied in this field.
Animal science also includes the study of physiological and biochemical aspects of these animals, thus making it a potential career option for millions of students interested in studying animals. In the paragraphs below, you will find out more about animal science careers and opportunities. Take a look.

Animal Science Career Information

Many of us love to have animals around us as pets. But animals are also important to us in other ways, as they carry out various functions such as providing us with milk, meat, eggs and being useful for farming.
But when it comes to domesticating these animals, it is necessary that people are made aware about the way they function, their medical problems as well as dietary requirements. Since many owners don't have enough knowledge about these factors, they consult vets or animal scientists. This
This can be done with the help of a study known as animal science, where one does research about everything related to domesticate animals.
With many people still being unaware about the requirements of their own animals, there is a need for animal graduates or scientists.
Students who take up animal science as their major are trained with various skills such as; operating scientific equipment, knowledge about animal industry, management of animals, biological knowledge about animals and experience of working with them.
Using these skills, there are various options for careers working with animals, that are related to animal reproduction, sales, business, services and research. Find out what are these careers mentioned below, and find out what you would be interested in.

Animal Technician

Also known as an animal care technician, the job includes laboratory skills to work with animals. It mainly revolves around the research one carries out on animals such as rats, mice, rabbits, cats and dogs, to find out certain illness that prevail in domestic animals and their treatments.
Animal technicians also have the responsibility of bringing in the animals, caging them, monitoring their daily activities, feeding them and taking care of their settings in the labs, in short taking full responsibility of their existence for research.
You can gain a lot of knowledge about each of these animals by working with them and studying their daily habits. This is one of the animal science career options from the animal biosciences branch.

Animal Breeding Jobs

Another career option for those with an animal science degree is the animal breeding department in this industry. These jobs deal with evaluation of the Estimated Breeding Value (EBV) in domestic animals. You have to select animals, who have superior EBVs related to growth, meat, milk, wool and egg production, and breed them for various uses.
Animals are bred for research as well as for commercial purposes, thus people who have majored this course could have a bright future.

Animal Nutritionists

Animal nutrition is another branch in animal science where one has to study about the dietary requirements of individual domestic animals. These jobs are useful not only for domestic animals but for zoo and pet animals as well.
A nutritionist has career opportunities in farms, animal research institutes, commercial animal food industries and classrooms. For these jobs, you need a Bachelor's degree in animal sciences and subjects like biochemistry and microbiology need to be included.

Animal Trainers

Training domestic animals could also be a good career prospect for those with an animal sciences degree. Animal trainers are needed in police and security departments, farms, parks, animal rehabilitation centers, and sometimes zoos.
The animals such as horses, cattle, dogs, cats, camels, elephants, etc., are usually trained by these trainers. If you are thinking about this job as your career option, you need to be aware of the habits and temperaments of domestic animals, their nutritional requirements and how to handle them.
This is a very interesting career option if you like wild and domestic animals.
With these choice of careers mentioned above, you are free to choose from any of these branches. If you love animals and wouldn't mind working with them, I think a career in animal sciences is surely worth it!