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Alternative Careers for Lawyers

Kundan Pandey

A law degree equips candidates with qualities and skill sets that can help them gain entry in a plethora of other fields. Here, we will discover some sectors where law graduates can work, apart from their conventional legal field.
Lawyers are professionals who are considered best for handling various types of alternative jobs. This is due to the fact that the complexity of law and its various intricacies equip the m with skills that can be used for handling various types of jobs.
The depth of knowledge and expertise are some of the most important factors that helps them succeed in other fields.

Legal Writing and Publishing Houses

Being a law graduate/post-graduate, you can work for magazines, publishing houses, and in research institutions as law writers.
As a law writer, you have to research and write on subject matters related to law. Being a legal writer presents a host of career opportunities for those who are willing to work full-time as legal writers. You can contribute articles for freelance websites and work on an hourly basis on specific days.
You also have the option for becoming a columnist in newspapers, journals, and magazines. Various law institutes also hire legal writers and editors, and so if you have some aptitude and passion for writing, this can be a creative job, testing your knowledge and writing prowess.

Consultancy Works

Knowledge in the field of law is used in almost every sphere of life, and being law consultants are great alternative jobs for lawyers. For those who have been working as lawyers for years, and wish to take break from their work, they can become legal consultants for corporate firms, offices, and marketing companies.
As legal consultants, you can also advice lawyers on various cases and proceedings. Many lawyers take advice of expert legal consultants, and pay them decently for their views and legal advice. You can also create a website and offer online legal solutions to people's queries and problems.
With internet marketing becoming the norm of the day, there is immense potential for online consultancy, as it gives you a wider audience. Consultancy services are brilliant alternative jobs for attorneys who have some rich experience of the state laws and procedures.

Banking and Financial Laws

There is no dearth of jobs for lawyers in the banking and financial sectors, especially, if the lawyer has worked in income tax related assignments. Mutual fund, private equity, and various other fields, where there is scope for a large number of legal works, offer options for other careers.
In the field of banking and finance, lawyers can work as risk managers, estate planning advisers, trust officers, financial planners, commercial loans officers, and mutual fund administrators.

Educational Field

There are opportunities in paralegal colleges and law institutes, where experienced law practitioners are hired for guiding students on career related matters, working in admission processes, and maintaining alumni relations. Being a law lecturer gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge and experiences with prospective law students.
The field of law is diverse, and every specialization has its own sub-branches and sub-specialties. This gives law graduates the freedom to exercise various options in many fields.
Besides the mentioned jobs, they can work in federal and provincial governments, arbitration, mediation, mergers and acquisition fields, where the need for legal experts is extremely crucial.