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Admin Manager Job Description

Saptakee Sengupta

An organization can run smoothly and effectively only if it has a strong administration. The administrative department is controlled by an admin manager, who plays an extremely vital role in the organization.
Have you ever come across any organization running without administration? Definitely your answer will be no, because it's impossible for any organization to function without an administrative body.
The administrative department is headed by an admin manager, who manages every activity pertaining to proper working of the organization. He also undertakes the responsibility of coordinating other departments, clients, and third parties.
An admin manager must possess administrative qualities, which are utmost necessary for uplifting the standard of the company.

Job Description of an Admin Manager

  • An admin manager extends administrative support to departments dealing with the task of editing, typing, mailing, and filing.
  • He keeps an account of the documentation details and every kind of information relating to products, sales, support, and cost of the company.
  • He must possess good observation power. He monitors the work of back office personnel and supervises the performance of his assistants, clerks, coders, typists, and other members of the organization.
  • He is responsible for scheduling meetings, checking product quality, and deadlines of his subordinates.
  • He is answerable to interoffice queries and ensures that there is effective communication of operational data to the management section.
  • He provides support to other departments of the organization and manages projects of the company.
  • He has the responsibility of reviewing and managing office budget and expenditure.
  • Admin manager is also responsible for training his subordinates and evaluating their performance as they participate in growth of the organization.
  • He analyzes the attendance and regularity of employees in the organization.

Qualities of an Admin Manager

  • He should have leadership quality and must be capable of taking decisions.
  • Managerial skills are necessary and he should be cooperative and supportive by nature.
  • He must have excellent written and verbal communication skills, so that he can present his views with clarity.
  • He must be sincere about his own work and confident about his goals.
  • Interpersonal skills are essential along with sensible attitude. He should be assertive, optimistic, and a good listener.
  • He must have the ability to work within deadlines and should achieve the targets. In short he must know how to manage time and prioritize his work under pressure.
  • He must be flexible and quick in responding within short notice period.
  • He should be adaptable in a dynamic working environment and organizational culture.
  • He must be proactive. He should have the skills to initiate his own work without being directed.
  • He should be self-motivated and determined.
  • He should be reliable, trustworthy, and abide by the company's terms and conditions.
  • He must have good organizational skills, which are essential for managing every type of administrative job responsibility.

Eligibility Criterion and Salary of Admin Manager

The minimum educational qualifications of admin manager is an associate or bachelor degree in liberal arts, business management or human resource management. This post is indeed dignified and requires several years of experience in the field of supervisory and administrative support. Practical exposure to train employees is definitely an added advantage.
The salary of admin managers depends upon his educational background, work experience, financial status of the organization, and economic condition of the country.
Those working in established companies draw an average annual salary of US $102,300 while admin managers of colleges, universities, and schools draw an average annual salary of about US $89,970. Managers employed in hospitals, local and state government organizations get paid an average salary of around US $95,610.
The details provided here are average figures, which are subject to change depending on the prevailing condition of the country and the organization, both. Hopefully, you have now understood what does the job of an admin manager entail. The career is definitely prospective and lucrative at the same time.