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Duties of an Admin Manager

Leena Palande
Are you good at communication, planning, and coordination? Want to be an admin manager? This story talks about the duties and responsibilities of this job profile.
An administration manager has a wide range of responsibilities, and the salary depends a lot on experience, education, and type of employer. Not only an administrative manager, but all managers need to be analytical, detail-oriented, flexible, and decisive. They need to have good leadership and effective communication skills.
To get a better understanding of how an admin manager functions in an organization, here, we'll have a look at the various responsibilities that come along with this job, along with some salaries for reference purposes.

Duties and Responsibilities

An admin manager is responsible for the perfect planning, coordinating, and directing a broad range of services, so that the organization can operate efficiently. For instance, he/she coordinates space allocation, facilities maintenance and operations, along with major property and equipment procurement.
He may also have to plan for efficient information and data processing, mail, materials scheduling and distribution, printing and reproduction, records management, telecommunications management, security, recycling, wellness, and transportation services.
To ensure whether the signed contracts, insurance requirements, government regulations, and safety standards are followed, and whether they are up-to-date, is one of his main responsibilities. He is supposed to examine energy consumption patterns, technology usage, and property needs, to plan for long-term maintenance, modernization, and replacement.
He is expected to help in the recruitment procedure of the department. He should have an impressive personality, as he is supposed to interview, select, and hire new staff. He has to look after his department and ensure that it is fully staffed. He has to establish good relations with staff, and ensure that their attendance is within acceptable limits.
This job profile requires a high degree of professionalism. He is required to work long hours. He is generally expected to arrive at work before his subordinates and leave after his last employee has gone home. He may be required to work late in the evenings or even on weekends.
Training and evaluating his staff is one of the main duties. Many times, he must conduct semi-annual or annual employee evaluations, and mentor personnel as they grow within the organization.
To organize meetings, reply interoffice inquiries, and pass on all data to the management officials, are some of the regular tasks that this manager has to perform. He has to manage the work product and deadlines of his staff. He may be required to manage the office budget and review office expenditure as well.
His job includes some specific duties which may vary by size of company or office and degree of authority. The manager supervises the administrative staff, including secretaries, clerks, typists, coders, and back office personnel.

Average Salary

The salary varies greatly depending on the employer, the specialty and the geographic location. According to the United States Department of Labor and according to the data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary of an administrative manager is around $75,000. (All the figures are rounded).
The lowest 10 percent earn less than $55,000 and the highest 10 percent earn more than $165,000. The following information displays the median annual salaries of administration managers, in the industries which employ the largest numbers of admin managers.
  • State Government - $65,700
  • Educational Field - Colleges, Universities and Professional Schools - $72,500
  • Local Government - $74,900
  • Medical Field - General Medical and Surgical Hospitals - $77,900
  • Management of Companies and Enterprises - $86,000
  • Federal Government - Industrial Specialist - $82,200
  • Facility Operations Services Managers - $79,000
  • Industrial Property Manager - $79,500
  • Property Disposal Specialists - $70,400
  • Support Services Administrators- $71,000
  • Administrative Officers - $78,500
The salary may vary according to qualifications, employee credentials, years of experience, employer's capacity, type and size of the industry, and negotiation skills.