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Accounting Career Objectives

Kundan Pandey
Good with numbers, finances, ledgers, balance sheets and accounting? Mention your traits explicitly in your accounting career objectives and cast a good impression on your employer. Know here how to do the same.
Accounting constitutes a large number of jobs at various levels in the accounting and finance industry.
Right from entry-level positions like that of bookkeepers, budget assistants, cost and accounting clerks to senior positions like that of chief financial officers (CFOs), chief accountants, accounts managers, financial analysts and budget directors, there is simply no dearth of jobs in this mentally taxing yet rewarding field!
Education coupled with extensive work experience are vital to succeed in this field. If you are aspiring for a job change or seeking a job in accounting field then what you write in your accounting career objective statement just below your initial details in the resume, matters a lot. It is taken as a blue print of your goal for applying in the job.

Accounting Career Objectives In a Resume

Resume writing remains the most explored art of writing in business communication. The first thing that catches the attention of your employer in your resume is your career objective. Being specific and straight forward in your career objective remains the most critical aspect of career objectives writing.
The constraint of using limited words in a career objective makes it a little challenging to mention everything; ideally in just one sentence. So how can one be honest, to the point, accurate and even write interesting content in just one single line!
✒ An ambitious financial analyst with three years of work experience seeks a challenging position in financial reporting market to help you improve your business through the excellent financial analysis.
✒ Confident tax professional with a diversified four years work experience in tax accounting in growing public accounting enterprises, seeks a tax manager's position.
✒ Young, enthusiastic management accounting degree holder, willing to relocate, seeks a management accountant position for offering expertise to the firm in capital budgeting and line of business analysis.
✒ Dynamic financial accountant with six years of expertise in M & A, long term financial projections and company law seeks a challenging position in a corporate firm.
✒ With a goal to help the firm achieve its financial objectives, a chartered accountant with 10 years of work experience seeks a managerial position in strategic planning and decision-making department of the firm.
✒ A motivated fresher seeks a data entry position in an accounting firm where skills of spreadsheet development, troubleshooting and accounting knowledge can be utilized to boost company's profitability.
✒ With a work experience of two years, I wish to offer my skills in payroll/accounting to a mid or large size firm, thereby aiming to help the company to meet is financial objectives timely.
✒ A bookkeeper certified by the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers, with three years of work experience in payroll, billing, and purchases seeks to offer a mid size company his services.
✒ A fresher, ambitious accounting clerk, willing to work in shifts, seeks an accounts payable clerk position to offer his assistance to senior accountants, in a small, mid or large size company.
Accounting career objectives examples as mentioned above can be used by you as a tool to understand what you should include in your objective, while applying for a job in this field. You have to ensure that you have mentioned the position you are seeking in the profession and some vital adjectives to describe yourself (an ambitious accountant..., an experienced bookkeeper... etc.).
A simple and well written career objective will help you simplify your resume in a well presented and factually correct document that will hint your employer about your clarity of thought and career aspirations.
If you find it very difficult to write an objective for yourself, seek help from a friend or someone who is better than you in writing or expressing what you want to say.