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Account Executive Job Description

Stephen Rampur
As an account executive, you will be expected to handle every aspect related to a client's account with your company. Learn more about what the job entails, in detail.
Account executives are professionals who are responsible for taking care of business relationships between the clients and companies they are employed in.
Their services are availed by many industries; but are mostly used by advertising, public relations, marketing, and sales companies. Therefore, the job profile differs according to the requirements set by the primary employer. Normally, an account executive reports to the account manager or the lead of the team.

Job Description

As mentioned, account executives work in advertising, marketing, and public relations. Given here is a brief overview of the job descriptions of each. It must be kept in mind that depending on the organization you work in, the responsibilities might differ. The basic duties consists of:

Advertising Account Executive

An advertising account executive is generally employed by an advertising company. While working in an advertising agency, the account executive serves as a liaison between the employer and its clients. The Account Executive (AE) is handed over the responsibility of overseeing administrative and advertising campaign projects.
They coordinate work in the team, so as to make sure that all the advertising contracts and deliverables are met on time and keep an eye on the effectiveness and potential of advertising campaigns.

Marketing Account Executive

A marketing account executive is a sales professional who is responsible for building, maintaining, and retaining corporate relationships with business entities which may prove profitable to his company.
Along with building a good relationship with potential clients, he also takes the necessary steps that would induce businesses to get into a contract with the company, which in turn helps to boost sales and revenues.
A marketing account executive plays a very crucial role in the development of products and services which can be competitive in the market. He also helps the management to conduct marketing strategies and campaigns.

Public Relations Account Executive

The main responsibility of a public relations account executive is to gain substantial public exposure of the client or a product. His main aim is to set a positive profile and reputation of the client in the minds of people who can be turned into customers.
This would certainly be beneficial in increasing sales revenues. He has to act as a mediator between the mass media and PR department of the client via emails and telephone. For product promotions, he carries out press releases through different channels of the media.

Salary Range

The median annual salary of account executives with less than six months to four years of experience ranges from $33,000 to $68,000. The salary increases as per the level of experience and expertise gained. So, if you have a considerable five to nine years of experience, you are eligible for a yearly pay of approximately $39,000 to $90,000.
For account executives who have a substantial over 20 years of experience, they can even earn more than $130,000 per annum. Good and consistent performance as an account executive can lead to a post of an accounts manager.
As you can see, the job description of this post mainly consists of tasks that are related to marketing and sales. Those wanting to become an account executive need good convincing skills, marketing techniques, and communication skills.
Good organizational and time management skills are also needed for effectively working in a team. There are many other skills and abilities that are needed to work as an account executive in any corporate industry.