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8 Careers for People Who Love Beauty and Style

Mia Morales
If you love beauty and fashion, you might consider having your career in that direction. Luckily, there is a wide range of positions in the industry, some of which you may not have ever considered. Here are eight popular careers where you can help make the world a more beautiful place.


If you are all about skincare and complexion perfection, you might thrive as an aesthetician. You will have a chance to help people achieve and maintain healthy skin. Procedures performed include facials, body wraps, light chemical peels, and deep cleansing treatments.
You may also perform manicures and pedicures. Jobs are often in salons and spas, although some aestheticians work in medical facilities or dermatologists' offices.

Nail Technician

Nail technicians work with clients to help them achieve nail length and design they want. This may be by applying artificial nails such as acrylic gels and wraps, polishes, and specialized designs. Many nail techs work in spas or salons, but you can choose to go out as a freelancer.


Maybe you prefer to capture beauty with your camera over working directly on people. There is always a need of photographers to take fashion and beauty shots, so be sure to have a well-developed portfolio to share with prospective clients. You can also choose to work directly with a studio or marketing firm.


If you love to help people look and feel their best, consider a career as a cosmetologist. You may do anything from applying makeup to styling hair and performing nail treatments. Some salons may have specialized positions where you can focus on one area, while smaller ones may have you performing various tasks.
You should plan on going through a specialized training program to get a certification. Look for one with internship or job placement services to help ensure you land a job when you are finished.

Hair Removal Specialist

This title is pretty self-explanatory, but a hair removal specialist can help you get rid of unwanted body or facial hair. Treatments range from temporary fixes like waxing and threading to the more permanent laser hair removal.
No matter what procedures you want to specialize in, it is important to get proper training to ensure your clients are happy with the results. If you are planning to work in a medical spa or salon, it might be a good idea to take a laser hair removal course and learn how to perform this treatment.


If you prefer to consider the entire package, a career as a stylist or image consultant might be worth exploring. These beauty professionals create an entire image from skincare techniques to makeup designs and clothing choices.
You are working to develop the client's self-confidence as well, so you can really make a difference in how they interact with the rest of the world. You may choose to work for a PR firm or go out on your own.

Salon Owner

If you are ambitious and have an entrepreneurial spirit, you might want to look at opening your own salon or spa. Don't limit yourself to your own specialty, either. Salons and spas can offer a wide variety of services and there are tons of options here.
You can start an independent location or join a larger franchise operation. If you do decide to join an existing company, look for an opportunity with lots of support and training to help you succeed.

Plastic Surgeon

Of course, a plastic surgeon is a serious beauty career requiring years of medical school and specialized surgical training. Yet, if you want to help people by utilizing medical procedures like Botox or reconstruct appearances damaged by accidents, illness, or violence, the years of studying can definitely be worth it.
Whether you are looking to get started in the beauty industry or searching for options to expand your offerings. there are so many career choices to consider. Take a deeper look at these and similar options to see if a beauty career is the right one for you.