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7 Keys to Create a Fulfilling Career Path

Priya Johnson
We’ve all dreamed of finding a fulfilling career path; the perfect educational degree, the perfect first job, and the perfect ascend to success. But, how many of us actually end up feeling fulfilled by what we do?

How Do I Know What to Become

While the answer to this question can solve all your problems, if you don’t know just yet, it’s best to let it sit on the back burner.

Find out your passion - what makes you truly happy, what inspires you, what excites you! Doing what makes you happy is the first step to climbing the fulfilling career ladder.

Skill Set vs. Passion

Assessing your skill sets is often considered the best way to build your career path, but it’s not likely to work for everyone.

You may have the necessary skill and intelligence to enter the medical/engineering sector, but your passion can be food. And if food is your passion, make sure you acquire the skill sets required in that field.

Acquire the Right Skills

Passion alone is no good. Fire alone is of no use to cook food; you need the right equipment to prepare and cook food.

Similarly, you need to follow your passion with the right skill sets. Study, training, necessary degrees, technical skills, expertise, etc. required for the job.

Take Risks

Who wants to live with the ‘what if’ in life! If you’re passionate about something but aren’t sure, take risks and follow your heart.

A sabbatical from your professional field will slow down your climb, but isn’t it better than living with the regret of never knowing if it could work out.

It’s Never Over

Just because you had to take up several jobs you didn’t like, in order to pay the bills and take care of your family, doesn’t mean it’s all over.

It’s over when you believe it’s over. So, never give up on your dream. It’s your duty to keep your dream alive. There’s no age limit for qualification bar of success.

Work Hard

The irreplaceable component in any successful and fulfilling career is ‘hard work’. Complacency has no place in the lives of successful professionals. If you want to achieve something, you have to give it your complete best.

Be Practical

Being honest to ourselves is paramount. Assess your own skills, financial capacity, passion, and potential. Be practical when you set dreams and goals for yourself.

Be smart and let go if something isn’t working. Jump off a sinking ship while there’s still time. Make wise financial decisions.
There’s no ‘perfect job’, but we can have ‘fulfilling’ careers, if we make smart choices. Each job genre has its own pros and cons. Find out what you want the most (time, money, passion) and what you can do without, and then make the choice.