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7 Best Jobs of 2020

Mikkie Mills
Whether you’re new to the workforce or a seasoned veteran, choosing a career can be tough. Here are seven of the most in-demand jobs right now. Check these great careers out and see if any one of these could be an ideal option for you!

Physical Therapist

Looking for a career that allows you to help people? Consider a career in physical therapy. Physical therapists help people recover from injury and disability, allowing patients to regain movement and minimize pain. You’ll need a degree to enter this competitive field. Physical therapists receive a great salary while helping patients live a normal life.

Registered Nurse

As healthcare field continues to grow, becoming a registered nurse is a great option. Registered nurses work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, schools and even on cruise ships. You’ll need to complete a nursing program, and be licensed. Nursing is an excellent career if you enjoy taking care of needs of others.

Truck Driver

Since goods will always need to be moved from place to place, a career as a truck driver will always be in demand. You’ll need to complete a training program and possess a commercial driver’s license. Truck drivers today earn a great salary with great benefits, and some of the best truck driving jobs allow you to be back home in time for dinner every day.

Web Developer

As the world gets increasingly connected through technology, professional web developers are continually in demand. You’ll need to have plenty of technical skills, and especially need to know how to code. It’s a plus if you’re a creative person, since you’ll be designing the look and feel of websites and web applications.

Home Health Aide

As people continue to live longer, home health aides are vital to care for an aging population. Home health aides provide basic care for people with disabilities or chronic illnesses. They often cook meals, administer medication, run errands and bathe the clients they care for. This occupation is set to expand rapidly in coming years.

Operations Analyst

Operations analysts research ways to help a company make good use of money and resources. They use statistics and analytical data to predict costs and benefits of making specific decisions. These analysts often work in the insurance company and finance industries. If you’re good at math and analyzing data, this position could be a perfect fit for you.

Computer Software Engineer

With computers playing a big role in everyday life, software developers are highly prized. Startups and established companies can benefit from hiring a computer engineer. You’ll be in charge of the design and maintenance of software and networks that businesses need to function. You’ll need strong programming skills and a degree from a reputable university.
Choosing a career can be a daunting task, no matter how much work experience you have. Take comfort in knowing that whichever career you choose from these options, you’ll enter an industry that is primed for growth, providing you with great economic stability.