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7 Jobs in Which Robots Can Never Replace Humans

Raksha Kulkarni
Technology has been surprising us for a long time now. We are scared at the thought of getting replaced by robots. Being replaced at our jobs would be the scariest thought. But, there are some professions that cannot afford technology coming in between. Let's have a look.
"Computers will overtake humans with AI (Artificial Intelligence) at some within the next 100 years. When that happens, we need to make sure the computers have goals aligned with ours. Our future is a race between the growing power of technology and the wisdom with which we use it."
― Stephen Hawking
With the advent of automatic cars and self check-outs, we have started wondering what our future would be. Just imagine the time a few years ago, and we know that so many things have changed.
Robots have taken over so many jobs humans were doing. Also, their speed and efficiency have made lives easier but have posed a greater threat to us. In today's time, there are more and more automatic tel-callers, robot pharmacists, or even toll booth operators.
However, robots can never be as good as us. Be it in showing emotions or understanding them, you can't just trust a technology to do it all. Humans, don't lose hope! There are still some professions which will need humans and will not be replaced by robots.

Jobs in Which Robots Will Never Replace Humans


You may have heard of robot pharmacists but don't think that they might as well be doctors. They might work as a help but cannot work in a job where constant interaction with the patients is necessary.
The medical details and the analysis can be done, but understanding human psychology or taking decisions about incomplete medical data is quite impossible. Many people will oppose the idea as we cannot risk our lives in their hands. The robot may malfunction and do something wrong. All the doctors out there, you'll always be the ones to save our lives!


Imagine a soccer field full of robots running or them shooting baskets! Quite amusing, right? But, for how long will it be? Not more than 10 minutes.
For us, sports is not only about the game. It is more about the players, their past, or their rivalries. That excitement and the experience will never be the same. Hence, our sportsmen will always be our heroes!

Creative Fields

Technology has made great cameras or awesome software that has helped everything go digital. But, the real job of a photographer or a designer is not just that. It is more about human imagination and creativity.
Dancers, singers, music composers, fashion designers, and many such creative fields will always thrive on human creativity. There has to be an emotional feel to all these fields, which can never be touched upon by a robot.

Quality Assurance

With the increasing use of computers and more technology, there is a need of a unit that assures the proper working of them. And, there's no one that can do better than a human.
The machines may malfunction, the calibration might go wrong, or the motherboard might stop working suddenly. Only humans will be able to spot the mistakes and correct them. We cannot have one machine to maintain the first machine and a third one to maintain the second. There has to be human intervention.

Law and Politics

Can we imagine robots making law decisions or judging court cases? NO! We cannot keep computers in charge of our cities, states, or countries. Hundreds of crimes will be stuck because of a single computer, and on what basis will the justice depend?
They can't judge what is good and what is bad, which only a human can do. Plus, you can never see the future of the White House run by a robot. There will be no chances of new rules, considering robots in this field.


A robot can follow a recipe and cook food. But, would it be able to make some new inventions which could please the human taste buds? Would it be able to make new additions to a recipe and innovate? It's human beings who are going to rule this domain, for sure.


We are not talking about giving instructions. Robots could be good at that. But what about imparting knowledge based on experience? What about devising ways that make difficult subjects easier to understand?
What about teaching in a way that the students aren't bored? Robots will never be able to get the much-needed human touch and creativity into teaching. 'Robotic' teachers won't be able to motivate or pat our backs when we do well in class. Subjects like literature, art, and music are far from a robot's reach! So, teachers will always be humans.
These are some professions where technology cannot substitute for humans. But there are some jobs where robots may replace us. Even if your job is one of them, don't forget that we humans have the gift of creativity, which the robots don't. We will always be able to come up with new ideas to rule this world!