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5 Tips for Being a Successful Customer Service Manager

Carol Evenson
Customer service management can be an integral role in many businesses. No matter the industry, Customer service plays a part in how folks interacting with a business feel about the company.
You can think of this role as front-facing, meaning the public interacts directly with customer service more than any other aspect of the business. The 5 tips can help customer service managers put their company's best face forward.

1. See Customer Complaints as Opportunities

Receiving complaints may be perceived as being the hardest part of customer service. However, complaints can be opportunities for improvement. Some grievances can point out faulty manufacturing, lapses in service and many other unseen problems.
Most customers want their product or service to be just what they paid for but when that doesn't happen, it's important that other customers don't have the same experience. The way complaints are handled can be measured using customer service goals. Setting these goals can help support staff in responding appropriately to customer criticisms.

2. Make Customer Reviews a Priority

Shoppers are often asked, "How was your experience today?" Companies want to know how their customers feel about the time spent in their store or while purchasing their product. It seems that reviews can make a big impact regardless of the business sector. There are a few reasons for that, but one reason is that people trust referrals from authentic people.
In the real world, this is often called word of mouth. Online, it's called getting reviews. Real clients and customers can tell potential clients and customers about their experiences, which can influence a decision to purchase a product or hire someone for a service. Even if few bad reviews are present, having a lot of reviews is better than having none.

3. Take Time to Get Personal

If a bad review or a customer complaint does come up, customer service managers can take some time out of their day to personally address the problem. A simple phone call or email can go a long way. In fact, going that extra mile might even win the customer back.
However, if the problem is not handled with a personal touch, it could mean losing the client. It might just be one person, but one person could eventually become many people. At that point, it might not be so easy to win over a group of unhappy customers.

4. Treat Employees Like Customers

Part of a manager's job is to help employees do their best. If employees don't feel supported by their manager, they could experience a range of problems on the job. Everything from the company's culture to the success of the overall business could be impacted by the employer/employee relationship.
It's important to build a good relationship with employees so they can be empowered to best serve the customer. Remember that employees are the customers first point of contact. The employee's experience with the customer could be affected by the employee's relationship to their employer. Treating employees with the same as customers can go a long way.

5. Be Encouraging

Customer service managers could also help keep up staff morale. For example, let's say a new product was shipped with a defect and has to be recalled. Something like that could result is a slew of complaints. Creating an encouraging environment in the face such difficulty could actually lead to improved morale.
Providing encouragement in scenarios like this could be an effective way of supporting staff. It can show employees that management understands their position and sees their value. Plus, it could result in better employee retention, which can be a good indicator of successful management.
Being a supportive and effective customer service manager is possible. Consider seeing complaints as opportunities, prioritizing customer reviews, taking time to personally solve problems, treating employees like customers and being encouraging as part of your plan for success.