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5 Health Care Careers You Can Study Online

Invest in your future with a health care degree you can get online in as little as a few months.
Modern Times
Health care is one of the fastest-growing professions in the world. But finding the time and money for college is not always easy. If this is your situation, consider taking an online learning self-assessment and getting your degree online.

Medical Billing and Coding

With a degree in medical billing and coding, you can work for almost any health care facility, processing patient records. You might also take care of insurance filing and billing technicalities.


While most nursing degrees can’t be obtained completely online, most people are able to do a large portion of their coursework that way. If you already have your licensed vocational nurse certificate, for example, transitioning to registered nurse certification online is a definite possibility.

Health Care Administration

Not all health care jobs deal directly with patient care. Many of them are done from an office. A degree in health care administration can usually be completed either partially or entirely online. And with this job, you’ll be responsible for hiring staff, developing company policies, and many other executive tasks.

Medical Assistant

Medical assistants work in facilities like hospitals and urgent care services, performing clinical and administrative tasks for various personnel. They might interview patients about their medical history, take their vitals, or schedule appointments, among other things.

Certified Nursing Assistant

Certified nursing assistants work in all types of health care facilities and home health agencies. They usually provide basic care for patients, such as bathing, feeding, or dressing. A CNA certificate can be completed online in as little as a few weeks.
With the rising cost of tuition, many students are unwilling to give up their day jobs to attend classes on campus. An online education is often the answer. With it, you’ll find more opportunities and have a higher earning potential over the course of your career.