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5 Business Careers That Will Serve You Best

There are many careers that are available for you to explore. Here are five business careers that may work for you specifically.
Carol Evenson
The world of business opens you up to contribute to organizations in major ways. You will be able to think in numbers, make significant contributions to the corporate worlds, quantify data sets and evaluate the financial ramifications of certain decisions that are made.


Accountants hold a very important position, as they help the financing of their organizations. They also help in maximizing a company's profits and abiding by preset government regulations.
Sound decisions about an organization's resources are made promptly and accountants have to communicate the information to important people such as investors who have a stake in the company as well as other colleagues.
Accountants are also responsible for conducting audits and providing tax planning services. The service of accountants are requested by all kinds of businesses, from nonprofit and educational services to the government itself. As you can see, accountants cover a broad range of responsibility.

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts are a group of people who evaluate industries, investments and companies for an organization's parent company or for other clients. They can also interpret financial statements, write reports with investment recommendations and calculate ratios.
Financial analysts also happen to benefit majorly from the education given to them in school in mathematics, economics, finance and accounting. Jobs available for financial analysts are projected to grow by 11% until the year 2026, which is faster than the average for all occupations.
If you are looking for a career that will allow you to analyze the weaknesses and strengths of businesses, being a financial analyst is a good field to get into.

Management Consultant

Management consultants are analysts who apply not only problem-solving skills, analytical skills to gather information, organize that information and compose reports with the associating findings.
Consultants also utilize technology to their advantage in order to represent and process data for their clients. This is done by using presentation tools, spreadsheets and databases. This field is also projected to grow by up to 14% by the year 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Social Media Manager

In this new era, you will rarely find a business organization that does not utilize the power of social media to their advantage. That is why social media managers are more in demand now than ever. Social media managers are able to utilize the knowledge of marketing communications in order to coordinate a presence across numerous social media platforms.
Social media managers also understand the importance of inbound marketing, so that customers can be drawn to the products a business provides. Social media managers will also work with other staff members in order to gather information for prominent stories that can be placed on social media.
Even though social media managers do not have formal authority over their colleagues, they can maneuver their way to getting any assistance that they require. There are thousands of job postings for social media mangers, showing that it is currently in high demand. That number is expected to continue rising.


Actuaries work as a form of analyst in a way, as they are able to calculate the probability of risky events taking place within a business. One of the most important aspects about an actuary's job is that they need to understand when insurance companies would be responsible for paying out claims.
Utilizing a holistic knowledge of economics, finance and accounting, complex analysis of certain scenarios are put together. If you have strong writing and persuasive skills, this can present a side of business you may be interested in.
If you are interested in the world of business, consider one of these five fields, and you may be left with a satisfying career.