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5 Best Jobs That Will Give You the Opportunity to Travel

Carol Evenson
It can be so tedious to get stuck behind desks from 9 to 5, while at work particularly if you are dreaming of traveling and adventuring faraway places.
Are you someone who loves traveling across the world? Most of the time people find limited time to travel the world. They spend rest of their time in daily jobs and only dream to explore and learn new cultures.
Instead of getting a chance to travel countable times in a year, why don’t you get a career that requires you to travel as one of your duties? This is a double benefit as you have the opportunity to build your career as well as explore the world.

Careers That Give You Opportunity to Travel

Reports indicate that 24% American people did part of completing their job from their home in 2015. This was a rise from 19% in 2013, which is a clear indication that the pattern will only increase, attracting more people working remotely.
However, read on to identify jobs that give you chances to travel while working from home or positions that need to travel as part of your job. To help, we have a list of five jobs that create endless opportunities to explore the world while making a living.

Flight Attendant

This is one of the best careers that guarantees endless opportunities to travel. A flight attendant has to operate with United States before they can operate flights internationally. As an attendant, you will fly on stunning aircraft to destinations while earning decent salary and attractive benefits.
Requirements for being an attendant varies among different airlines, but most basic necessity that will be looked at include physical fitness, communication skills, and educational qualifications.

Traveling Agent

Travel agents can recommend people the best services, prices and discounts for a perfect trip. To become a travel agent, you don’t need to have a license or certificate. Extensive traveling experience can keep you in a start.

Tour Guide

Becoming a tour guide allows you to travel and tour the world with other travelers on vacation. To qualify for this job, you need the ability to control a large group of people and have a background history or local knowledge.


Mostly, you will find companies outsourcing assistants for expert skills to solve issues affecting business. Primary skills for a consultant are being effective and knowing a particular area. Traveling is a part of this business as it is vital to keep a close connection to maintain strong working partnerships.

Truck Drivers

Driving is a career that can open doors for adventure. Though drivers may not get to travel internationally, they get to know the local places. Demand for drivers is rapidly increasing. You can find truck driving jobs quickly if you have a license and excellent driving reputation.

Bottom Line

Now that you have been exposed to possibilities, you can start evaluating the career of your choice and make your dreams a reality. But whatever you choose to do, remember to be realistic with what it means with traveling and working at the same time.