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5 Benefits of Living in New Jersey

The beautiful state of New Jersey has something to offer just about everyone.
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Located just west of New York City, New Jersey is home to almost nine million people. From breathtaking beaches and beautiful skylines to world class dining and healthcare, there are many benefits to living in New Jersey. Let’s take a look at 5.

NYC career opportunities

New Jersey’s close proximity to NYC makes it a great place to live and commute to the city for work. New York City is home to virtually endless career and financial opportunities, and residents of New Jersey can take advantage of everything NYC’s job market has to offer.

A little bit of everything

Between the gorgeous Jersey Shore, beautiful state parks, and the city views up north, New Jersey offers residents a perfect mix of suburban and urban bliss.

Residents can spend Saturday at the beach down the shore, and then patron a bike rental in West New York, NJ for a ride through Hoboken.


Residents of New Jersey don’t have to travel to New York or Philadelphia for healthcare or surgical procedures. New Jersey is home to over 2,200 hospitals and other medical facilities providing the highest in patient care.

Residents can find a neurosurgical office in Summit, NJ as easily as they would find a pizza shop.


New Jersey is known as the diner capital of the world. Nothing quite characterizes New Jersey like sitting down for some coffee and breakfast food at a classic roadside diner in the garden state.

With over six hundred diners, both retro and modern, spread across the state, there is a diner out there for everyone's’ tastes.


New York is usually recognized as the pizza capital of the world, or at least the east coast, but many say that New Jersey is actually the king of pizza in the NYC tri-state area. Pizza is a fixture across New Jersey, especially northern New Jersey.
New Jersey can be underappreciated due to its close proximity to New York, but the garden state is so much more than New York’s little brother.

If you’ve never been to New Jersey, or are considering moving to New Jersey, be sure to visit the next time you can and enjoy everything New Jersey has to offer.