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3 Reasons to Become a Court Reporter

Why court reporting is one of the best careers you can pursue, let's find out.
Modern Times
It’s no secret that college attendance levels are way down in recent years. One of the reasons is because people have discovered faster ways to obtain an education and still make great money.

Court reporting is one of those careers, as it offers many benefits to those who pursue it.

1. Court Reporters Are Well-Paid

The average starting salary for court reporters is a little over $50,000 a year, but because it is such an in-demand job, many move quickly into six figures.

There are many employment opportunities — court reporters can work in an office, such as a Miami court reporting agency. And they can also freelance if they want, for an extra cash.

2. Court Reporters Have Flexible Jobs

Court reporters can work in 8-5 work schedule. These jobs are usually in courthouses or legal offices, but most have fairly flexible schedules where they can work on their own time.

They can choose what types of jobs they want to take and when, and can usually take a break any time they wish. They can choose various fields as well, such as captioning.

3. Court Reporting School is Affordable

Most court reporting schools offer online or in-class options. And they typically cost much less than even two-year degrees.

It can also save your money by allowing you to go at your own pace, so you’re able to keep your full-time job while attending this school.
Court reporting is an amazing career with flexibility, great pay, and affordable. As a court reporter, you can travel the world and work for various companies, or you can stay where you are and partner with local professionals.

And to top it off, you’re almost guaranteed a job after you graduate because of the shortage in the field.