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3D Artist Job Description

Kundan Pandey
As 3D animation has gained immense popularity in the media and entertainment industry, the demand for 3D artists has grown. This story reveals what the job profile of these professionals entails.
Digital art and animation are the buzzwords in today's media industries. As animation and technology has advanced in recent years, the need for excellent 3D artists has risen in many firms that design video games and animated movies.
Media production houses thrive on innovation and creativity. With advancements in the latest gaming technology, these artists are expected to create elements for video games and animates movies. They can work from home or office and this gives them flexibility to work at comfortable hours.
With advancements in the medical field, they are also assigned the job of creating images of human anatomy and internal body parts. These images are helpful in diagnosis of diseases. Besides working with digital computers, they can work for small or large sculptures of any materials like clay or wood. One of the important facets of the job is that they are responsible for creating and preparing 3D models.
The 3D models are created by using 3D drawings, modified from 3D CAD drawings, or created with 3D scanners. These professionals are entrusted with the job of creating animation in various fields, designing company logos, video game characters, movies, and special effects.
In the field of architecture and construction engineering, they prepare graphs and digital drawings of buildings that helps engineers visualize their task in an efficient manner. They are responsible for preparing still images for posters, presentations, and brochures.

Educational Requirements

In the field of animation, it's the talent that matters. So it won't be surprising if you find professionals who may not have formal education, but their skills and interest in graphic design made them excel in this field.
Since competition has increased considerably in this field, in recent years, firms have started hiring graduates with a two-year associate degree or a four-year bachelor's degree in computer science, technical designs, and animation.
If the artist aspires to be a medical illustrator, he will require a bachelor's or master's degree with knowledge of biology and computer science. Good communication skills and business etiquette can increase career opportunities.

Skill Required

Depending on the job, required skills vary. However, the fundamental requisite for becoming a 3D artist is to have loads of interest and appreciation for art work. These professionals are expected to show their work replicas in the form of models or photographs. Creativity and technological expertise, both are important facets of the job.

Salary Range

Based on the job description, salaries may vary slightly. However, according to recent reports, the salary of artists with a work experience of about one year is between USD 30,000 to USD 40,000. Those having a work experience of about one to four years can earn between USD 38,000 to USD 54,054.
As one gains experience and the skills sharpen, salaries rise. Those having a work experience of about 10 to 19 years can earn anywhere between USD 60,000 to USD 100,000. Like every profession, work experience plays a significant role in deciding the salary range.
The career development path for 3D artists is bright. So, if you are planning to take 3D animation as a career and have the right expertise, nothing should stop you now.