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10 Best Careers for People With Social Anxiety

Hannah Rowanwood
For those struggling with Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD), the workplace can be a major stumbling block to coping with this condition. Here is a list of 10 great careers that are best suited for people with SAD.

What is Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)?

Social Anxiety Disorder, or SAD, is not just the occasional spell of shyness or lack of confidence that we all experience from time to time. 

It's an intense fear, bordering on phobia, of facing situations in which interactions with others is expected or even just possible.

What Types of Jobs Will Be Most Accommodating for People With SAD?

Some jobs will naturally be less socially demanding than others, or will provide more control over how much and when socializing is required.

1. Writer/Blogger

There are a lot of creative options for writers  blogging, ghost writing, technical writing, editing, writing articles or reviews, or even becoming a published author.
Earning a living as a writer can be challenging, but because you can freelance from home, this type of career can involve minimal social demands.

2. Accountant or Bookkeeper

Whether you work as an employee, or provide your accounting or bookkeeping services independently, the social requirements will be fairly low for this.

3. Artisan

This can be a great option if you have an artistic talent. Many creative pursuits have a commercial aspect. You'll need a venue to market your creations, or you can enjoy time spent alone working on your art.

4. Graphic Designer or Web Developer

This can be a great career, even if you choose to work for a company, your social interactions will likely be limited to communicating with clients and/or your company creative lead.

5. Landscaper or Gardener

Prefer not to work in an office? A career as a landscaper, gardener, or market farmer could be just the thing for you, with communications limited to one-on-one with customers.

6. Dog Trainer or Animal Handler

Many people with SAD find working with animals very relaxing. If you enjoy the company of animals, you might find work as a dog trainer, groomer, zoo worker or pet sitter very satisfying.

7. Firefighter

This career involves interactions with co-workers and the public, but it also offers a very structured work environment and lots of downtime, which can help alleviate anxiety.

8. Computer Programmer or Software Developer

If you enjoy working with computers and code, this field might be right for you. You could choose to be self-employed as a freelancer, but even in an office setting, your social interactions are likely to be minimal.

9. SAD Counselor

If you've overcome with your anxiety, you might be the best person to help others. As a self-employed counselor, you'll have a flexible schedule, and can keep extraneous social interactions to a minimum.

10. Entrepreneur

Self-employment offers those struggling with SAD a range of options for meaningful work that allows one to manage the symptoms and triggers of SAD.
As an entrepreneur or small-business owner, you have full control over both your work schedule and your degree of social interactions, giving you much flexibility to work around 'bad days'.

Stay Open-minded About Your Work Options

Of course you'll want to seek employment that gives you space and flexibility to manage your SAD triggers and symptoms, but remember not to hide out. 

Don't be afraid to pursue work that you love, even if it does involve some social communication and interaction.

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